The objective of the paper is to present the methodology adopted for dual artificial system modeling in Aishwariya field– an onshore oil field located in prolific Barmer Basin, India. This paper presents a conceptual and feasibility study of combination of Jet pump (JP) and Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) together as means of artificial lift for production enhancement in a well. It discusses the workflow to model a well producing on dual artificial lift (ESP producing in combination with Jet-Pump) via industry standard software and demonstrates the same with a successful case study.

Requirement of ESP change outs to restore/enhance well production in cases such as undersized pumps, pump head degradation requires an expensive work-over. However, an option for secondary additional lift (JP) installation along with primary lift (ESP) in completion system can eliminate the costly wok-over requirement if both lifts can operate simultaneously.

The procedure to model the dual artificial lift (JP and ESP) has two major components: a) Psuedo IPR at ESP discharge node and b) Standard JP modeling using pseudo IPR. Pseudo IPR is generated by modifying well specific IPR using ESP pump curve for a specific frequency. The down-hole ESP pump intake & discharge pressure sensors help calibrate the model accurately for further prediction.

The existing completion in the Aishwariya field is ESP completion with the option of JP installation in cases of ESP failures as contingency. Moreover, jet pump can be installed using slick line with minimum well downtime (∼ 6 hrs). Therefore, installing and operating the Jet pump above a running ESP will not only increase the drawdown but will result in production enhancement with minimal cost.

Novel Technique: No standard industry software can help model such dual lift systems with ease. The in-house developed workflow allows engineers to successfully model such complex lift scenario for routine production optimization and well surveillance activities.

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