This paper covers the problem related to AC interferences on East West Gas Pipeline (EWPL) and the mitigation measures taken for reducing / eliminating the same.

AC interference was observed in Hyderabad region due to AC EHV Transmission lines crossing EWPL, three phase transformers and Single wire earth return (SWER) single phase transformers in the vicinity of pipeline. AC PSP voltage up to 80 Volts were observed on pipeline during night hours for which various mitigation measures were taken to bring down in acceptable range.

Similarly, there is possibility of high voltage surge at station facilities along the pipeline route due to vicinity of multiple structures, long pipeline length and having multiple conducting structures at MLV stations comprising of RTD’s, die-electric isolators, impulse Tubing for power gas and associated power gas and control equipment. Surge travel to such system can result in equipment failures. Various pro-active measures to mitigate such instances were adopted on pipeline system and are implemented successfully.

This paper illustrates the extent of the risk of corrosion, surge impact due to AC interference / surge and gives insight to various methods deployed for minimizing these risks in simple and most economical way. It also highlights the need for collaboration and operational coordination between the pipeline operators and state electricity boards to resolve such issues mutually & in most effective manner.

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