The hydraulic fracturing industry is a fast-growing industry but the conventional hydraulic fracturing technique uses a large amount of water and a lot of harmful chemicals in order to extract more hydrocarbons from the formation which give rise to a large number of problems. Canadabased GasFrac Energy developed an innovative alternative to hydraulic fracturing which utilizes propane based gel or gelled LPG as a fracturing fluid to fracture the formation. Propane is a very clean fluid, ecofriendly and can be recovered almost 100% after the fracturing process is completed.

As compared to conventional hydraulic fracturing technique, LPG fracturing provides a better fracturing length. A precursor to the poor fracturing performance is poor recovery of the fracturing fluid, often less than 50% of the fracturing fluid is recovered. This unrecovered fluid occupies the pore spaces of the reservoir matrix and becomes immobile resulting in blocking the passage for hydrocarbons. Therefore, the recovery of hydrocarbons by conventional hydraulic fracturing job is much less than that of propane fracturing, where the recovery of fracturing fluid is almost 100%.

This paper will discuss about various aspects of Propane Fracturing, safety aspects during field application of this technology and its prospects in a country like India which is trying to revive its oil and gas production and has a huge potential hydrocarbon reserves including much of it's reserves still unexplored.

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