The paper discusses a case study of unconventional installation of an Insert Progressive Cavity Pump (IPCP) in a well with 4-1/2" production tubing without a Pump Seating Nipple (PSN) in place. The installation was unique application as no flexisert anchor was available for 4-1/2" tubing size which are commercially available for 2-7/8" and 3-1/2" tubing sizes. This unique installation while producing slightly lower than conventional PCP was the first of its kind, fit for purpose and helped in reviving a well without conducting a costly workover for changing out the PCP. This installation further opened an avenue for successful intervention for many other wells completed with conventional PCP without a PSN, and helped in saving a workover each time.

Another innovative solution to delay workover was implemented in the field in which a PSN for I-PCP was installed during the intial completion itself in anticipation of tubing integral PCP stator failure before the tubing failure necessitating a full workover.

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