The use of new digital technologies have become an imperative for oil & gas companies seeking to improve the way they do business. In this paper, a framework is presented for the strategic use of digital technologies for new field development projects. The benefits of introducing the right technology at the right time is identified across the life of field. There are six areas during field development where a digital strategy must be executed: subsurface analysis & modeling, drilling & completions, production operations, reliability & maintenance, procurement & supply chain management, and general business operations.

A case-study based approach is used based on large projects executed in recent the past where digital technologies were planned and included during early field development. The paper identifies the areas and points during field development to include different digital technologies where the business impact is maximum and capital and operational expenditure is minimum. This was done by identifying technologies across two areas: (a) technologies to enable the execution of the mega-project; and (b) technologies that form part of the facilities for operations during life of field. It was found to be optimum to link the digital strategy during the engineering and design stages, and during the issue of contracts for commissioning facilities. This allowed the field to build a digital ecosystem which will help them prepare for a digital future by enabling readiness for advancements in the areas of analytics, global mobility, and automation. Oil and gas companies obtain a chance to gain competitive advantage through digital infrastructure and software applications when applied at the right time during field development.

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