Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) launched a Project Gate System (PGS) program in 2010, which resulted in the development of the KOC PGS Process. The PGS Process was implemented in 2012, and has been applied to surface facility capital projects only. However, subsurface projects were excluded from the PGS, at that time.

In order to also improve the drilling of wells and facilitate the attainment of forecasted production targets efficiently and on time, a study of the development and implementation of a similar PGS Process for the delivery of wells was requested, in 2013. The study concluded that a parallel Well Delivery PGS (WD PGS) Process should be developed based on IOCs' and NOCs' best practices for well delivery, KOC's experience with the PGS Process, and the fit-for-purpose requirements of the concerned KOC stakeholders in all business Directorates.

In this paper, we will start by describing the way well delivery projects were handled in KOC prior to implementing the new system. Next, we will explain how the fit-for-purpose KOC WD PGS was developed and the "change management" efforts that took place to overcome the existing practices and to instill the new process. Finally, we will showcase the KOC WD PGS, as the output functional process. It is assumed that the reader possesses general understanding of the stage gate system for project management.

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