This paper will describea tubing cut operation carried out on a deepwater rig without having to first perform the usual, time consuming rig operations to work tension down to the target cut depth. Avoiding this standard procedure was achieved through application of a unique "Mechanical Cutter based Cutting Pad platform" (MCCP). Utilization of this technology enabled the operator to avoid having to unseat the tubing hangar and expose non-shearble across BOP and loss functionality of Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valve. The other add-on benefits from this system is reducing number of wireline in the deepwater environment.

Prior to introduction of MCCP, all others technologies recommendedthat the pipebe placed in tension achieve a successful cut. MCCP technology allows the flexibility of effective and efficient tubing cut with string in both tension and compression which is highly desirable in deepwater intervention. The is achieved as the tool incorporated grinding of tubing surface which enables a smooth cut.

The first deepwater tubing cut application was in offshore India in February 2014 in a 5 well deepwater side track operation. In the 5 wells, MCCP cut three 5.5", 20 lb/f 13 Cr 80 and one 7" 29 lb/f 13Cr80.

The MCCP eliminated several hazards associated with cutting the tubing in tension in this Deepwater environment and ensured that the operation was carried out in a safe and efficient manner. This paper will detail the efficiency and value added of cutting tubulars in compression or neutral load.

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