This paper discusses the Hydraulic Fracturing (HF) treatment of the Andimadam Sandstone formation of Periyakudi field of India. The Andimadam sandstone is a hydrocarbon bearing formation, with estimated in-place reserves of 47.43 MMt (O+OEG) which was prognosticated after drilling and established hydrocarbon potential. Well PD#A was drilled in Andimadam Sandstone and HF in this well was attempted in order to develop and exploit the full potential of the oil and gas reserves of the field.

The fracturing treatment of the tight gas reservoir in one of the deep well in Periyakudi field was performed eld. It was a challenge to carry out HF in well PD#A at such deeper depth formation. There was no previous information available to understand the formation and to predict its behaviour during HF treatment.

HF treatment in tight gas Sandstone laid so many challenges. Formation breakdown, succeeding minimum rate required for fracturing and attaining high proppant concentration during job with crosslinking gel under extremely strenuous operational conditions and pressure limitations were some of the major challenges. Delayed cross-linked gel was used to minimize tubing friction pressure. Managing the pumping rate with pressure limitations during HF treatment was one of the major challenges. Execution of the treatment with low pumping rate results in stimulation of small volume of rock comparatively. All these limitations were overcomed by proper job designing, optimization of fracturing fluid and analysis of pre-frac treatments. A substantial amount of fracturing fluid and proppant placed into the formation maintaining all safety standards. Satisfactory flow back of frac fluid with gas was observed and high flow back pressure at surface was noted.

This paper discusses challenges to execute hydraulic fracturing treatment in well PD#A and the lessons learned during the execution. In addition, it was the deep well (drilled upto 4945 m) in Periyakudi field with low permeability reservoir. Post analysis of pre-frac treatments done to obtain the reservoir properties and to design the main frac treatment. The results of fracturing treatment are also discussed. The promising hydrocarbon potential of the Andimadam sandstone which are based on post fracturing analysis, encourages further future development of the Periyakudi field, Cauvery Basin, India.

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