Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs), if properly sized, can greatly improve a well's deliverability and run-life. As a result, PCP sizing for a large number of wells can be instrumental in a production optimization program. This paper presents a quick look methodology adopted in the Bhagyam field to better understand PCP system performance and to accurately predict pump deliverability under a wide range of downhole conditions for more than a hundred wells.

Using nodal analysis, this paper presents the procedure used to select optimum pump size and well fluid rates from well inflow and outflow performance. The paper also presents a correction factor for the effect of viscosity on pump performance and uses the corrected pump performance curves to model the expected liquid rate from a well.

The solutions obtained with the analyses have been validated against actual Bhagyam well test data and have proved to be fairly consistent. This procedure has not only been a useful tool for pump selection and performance monitoring but has also made a significant business impact in terms of incremental oil gain.The methodology quickly provides reasonably accurate solutions for pump selection and allows evaluation of real time pump parameters to optimize PCP under varying field conditions.

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