An operator in India desired two modular, skid-mounted, plug-and-play quick production facilities (QPF) with the capacity for quick relocation and commissioning within multiple fields. This paper discusses the successful solution presented by the service company using an economic, flexible, and reliable QPF model. It also discusses challenges related to flow assurance, limited infrastructure, and compliance with the India Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) challenges.

The QPF model consists of process skids, utility and storage systems, interconnected piping, data acquisition (DAQ), and a power distribution system. The well flowline is routed through an indirect water bath heater (IWBH) and three-phase separator. Oil from the separator transfers to the export oil storage tank and loading gantry. Water travels to the evaporation pond through a skimmer tank, and gas is transferred to the burn pit through a knockout drum (KOD). Liquid accumulated in the KOD is transferred to the storage tank. A closed drain maintenance vessel and alarm system is also included.

The operator used a service company to engineer, procure, install, and commission two QPFs. From a process perspective, the primary challenges encountered included flow assurance related to the presence of a variety of oils and wax with high wax appearance temperature (WAT), limited existing infrastructure in the very remote location, and compliance with the India DGMS standards. After all of the equipment/skids arrived on location, the operator requested the installation of the QPFs within a short period of time. A team consisting of local contractors and global personnel from various disciplines was assembled to meet the challenge. This team included personnel from project management, mechanical and piping, electrical and instrumentation, and construction and commissioning. The installation and commissioning of the first QPF was completed in 45 days. After applying lessons learned from the first installation, the second QPF installation was completed in only 25 days. The commissioning of the facilities in such a short time period was the result of collaborative work from both the operator and the service company.

Two modular, skid-mounted, plug-and-play QPFs with the capacity for quick relocation and commissioning within multiple fields were installed in very remote locations in India. This paper discusses challenges encountered and addressed during the operation using an economic, flexible, and reliable QPF model. Lessons learned during the first operation enabled a much faster completion of the second QPF, thus exceeding operator expectations.

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