The proven and most suitable stimulation technology to increase production in a tight sandstone formation is hydraulic fracturing. The hydraulic fracturing treatment will create a fracture and then keep it open by proppant, hence a conductive path allowing more oil and gas to be produced. Hydraulic fracturing operations in an offshore environment are sometimes considered as a costly solution and non-economic. An alternative economic solution, Fracture Assisted Sandstone Acidizing (FASSA), was evaluated. Sandstone acidizing is a method to increase oil production, by injection of compatible acid system at matrix rate, below the formation fracture gradient. This stimulation method is most suitable to remove near wellbore damage in medium-high formation permeability. To improve the effectiveness of the acid treatment in tight sandstone reservoir, a hydraulic fracture was created prior to the sandstone acidizing. Besides removing the near wellbore damage, the acid is expected to react with fracture face in sandstone and create a conductive path for oil to flow. Four successful jobs have been performed to date. This paper will describe planning, process, acid treatment selection, operation summary, and evaluation of success or failure of the treatment. In the future we also propose to perform similar treatments for a tight reservoir without having to pull out the existing completion.

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