A giant multi-layered carbonate reservoir in offshore India is undergoing water-flooding since 1987. Historically there have been about 930 producer and 250 injection strings in the field with about half of them active today. In order to have quick flood surveillance, flow streamline snapshots and flood-front maps have been attempted using in-house developed analytical technique assuming homogeneous, incompressible, unit mobility ratio displacement process.

The eleven producing unit of the reservoir are clubbed as five major stacks for streamline generation. Injection and production volumes are divided among these five stacks on the basis of existing history matched simulation model. The volumes are then normalized to obtain the relative strengths of the producers and injectors Macro level reservoir anisotropy is inherently taken care by the normalization process of rates. Reservoir boundary for each stack is simulated by placing large number of image wells along each boundary. The velocity and potential distribution in the reservoir are obtained using the principle of superposition. The velocity equation tracks the path of the fluid particle generating the flow streamlines.

Flood-front positions are generated by repeating the above process. The field water cut vs. pore volume of water injected is compared against the actual water cut vs. pore volume of water injected as a history matching process. Individual well water-cut are then superposed on the flood-front positions in the corresponding stack.

Flood front positions are corroborated to a large extent with the superposed water-cut in individual wells. Deviations in the actual water-cut trend are also observed in few areas. Recommendations for redistribution of injected water among the identified stacks are presented on a holistic basis to achieve better sweep efficiency in the reservoir and field trials are awaited.

The attempt is to use this fast and simple analytical technique on a desktop computer for quick water-flood surveillance of a large field.

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