CBM is likely to address in a limited way the world's growing energy needs. In India the epicenter of such a process is geographically active in the east, predominantly known for conventional coal mining. Devoid of any known natural gas resource, the area though conducive for CBM production, commercial prediction needs utmost care and caution, as supply commitment is never equipped with fall back option. The geological model thus for Barakar Formation of Bokaro Field is defined with reasonable confidence for three potential CBM seams assessed through 3 vertical wells with a deliverability 10,000 m3/d for the first tested well. Proven CBM potential volumes estimated thus needs to be translated into a way forward programme of monetization firmed up through simulation based profile.

A comprehensive full field dual porosity/permeability simulation model, incorporating Langmuir isotherm and GC data generated across the geographical spread is built to understand the process intricacy. Effort to history match the initial Qw with time in all CBM simulation as a depressurization event is a difficult proposition as interruption in Qw, coupled with Wp bookkeeping are often very subjective. However, permeability/volume modifiers within acceptable limits led to replicating near history of Qg and Gp. The prediction was QC'd on single well forecasting basis through other commercial software, and the profiles though identical was in substantial variation in gas breakthrough timing, the possible reasons identified as a learning for the future.

Field scale development with an optimized variant of 38 vertical wells at 60 acres well spacing envisages peak Qg of 1.3 LCMD and RF being 32% after 15 years. The criticality is however well scheduling designed to cater to the industry needs of a reasonable plateau period.

This paper assimilates the lessons learnt from the applications of simulation to be used for devising field scale CBM development strategy and is suggestive of the Do's and Don'ts of initial data generation and lists caution in the prediction specially the depressurization process, well spacing criteria, drilling schedule for plateau generation.

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