Development of marginal fields in recent time is gaining popularity in view of higher crude oil prices and declining production from brown fields. The discoveries of large fields in mature basins world over are increasingly rare with time. Crude oil production in India is mainly contributed by Western Offshore Basin fields and is undergoing steady decline. To support and sustain the production, marginal fields which have been discovered and remained undeveloped for economical reasons are being taken up for development through innovative strategies and cost optimization. With improved infrastructure and technologies like Sub-sea completion, minimum facility well platform, availability of FPSO, MOPU, Multi Phase Pumps, host of other new ideas available and utilization of various lift technologies will make these marginal discoveries economically viable.

The Cluster-A consisting of three marginal fields (M-1, M-2 and M-3) located East of Mumbai High field and integrated with M-4 additional development (1 new & 1 Side Track well in M-4 field, 1 new well in M-5 Structure) is the case study of cost effective approach for development and early monetization. The bathymetry of the fields ranges from 40-55m. Hydrocarbon accumulations are established in thin multilayered reservoirs consisting of carbonates and finer clastics having in-place oil and gas of around 109 MM BBL and 0.363 TCF respectively.

These fields were discovered in early nineties. Development of these fields remained uneconomical on standalone basis; however, they become viable through cluster system using existing infrastructure and integrating with redevelopment of a nearby brown field and a recent gas discovery.

The development scheme envisages depletion drive, 11 Producers, MOPU for processing; oil evacuation through shuttle tanker and gas to SHG process complex after compression at wellhead platform and a new pipeline from M-4 to BPB Process complex.

This paper presents the technical and business approaches which are critical for development of these smaller isolated fields / prospects through cluster system.

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