The health and effectiveness of any Integrated Control System depends on many factors. Among these factors is the proper design, selection of Control System, seamless integration, System Architecture, System Configuration, System Integration Testing, Control System Installation, Commissioning, Site Acceptance Test, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Functional Testing etc.

The integrated solution for the Onshore, Offshore & Subsea Control System includes a dedicated Subsea Control System, DCS System, ESD System, Process Simulator System, F& G System, Large Screen Abnormal Situation Management Video Wall, Measurement Systems etc.

The power to the Offshore and communication to Offshore & Subsea is through Umbilical’s. The backup communication from Onshore to Offshore is through dedicated Microwave Network. The communication from Onshore Terminal (OT) Control Room to Subsea wells is about 50 Km to 60 Km. The remote Subsea wells are Controlled and can be Shut down from OT.

The best-in-class technologies in Control & Safety was effectively implemented by deploying various protocols like Foundation Fieldbus, HART, Control Net, OPC, MODBUS TCP I/P, Serial Interface etc. The digital Control System reliably monitors and controls the over 1, 10,000 tags. All the DCS hardware is integrated with the non DCS hardware while having a common control system information. The System has the facility to provide information across the organization giving the best possible foundation for collaboration between people, processes and systems.

In such a large network of integration of technologies & integrated operations of Subsea & Onshore, identifying and minimizing control system errors are a big challenge. It is a big challenge to ensure continued operations of these facilities without any Trips.

This article focuses on Control & Instrumentation Systems contributing factors for uninterrupted Operations of Onshore/Offshore/Subsea facilities during the first 1033 days of operations & the challenges to ensure continued operations without any facility Trips.

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