Cambay is matured petroliferous basin in the western part of India. Dholka is one of the complex oil field in Cambay – Tarapur tectonic block wherein gas has been struck, for the first time, in Shale Reservoir of middle Eocene. In this basin, Cambay shale was thought as cap and source rock. But the gas strike in well DK #30, around 1310 m has opened new frontier for exploration and exploitation of Shale gas and / or Shale oil in Cambay shales, the thickness of which vary from 900 to 1200 m. Conventional testing yielded small quantity of gas. Hydraulic fracturing was carried out in the same interval of 10m which resulted in increased rate of 200 m3 per day gas. The composition of produced gas is totally different from the solution gas being produced from other oil wells of the field. The salient points of this accidental gas discovery need elaborate studies, cost-effective and sound horizontal well completion alongwith multistage fracturing.

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