Evaluating critical petrophysical and geological properties is the key in determining completion strategy. To optimize completions in a highly heterogeneous formation, segmented completion design was planned. Integration of borehole images with conventional openhole logs and dynamic mud loss data distinguished between facies and subfacies which can have different flow behaviors. Based on the integrated formation evaluation, placement of swell packers, slotted liners and blind liners were decided in the study area.

Advanced processing results from the borehole images (e.g. secondary porosity, connectedness, etc.) were used to evaluate the heterogeneity in the drainhole, suggesting the zones that needed special attention for completion planning. This type of segmented well completion in a horizontal well was decided to compensate for the effects of variable vug size distribution and encountered fractures and dissolution seams.

With this completion design being the first of its kind for the operator, the first objective was to evaluate its efficiency (sealing efficiency of the swell packers). The conventional production logging sensors were combined with advanced electrical and optical probe, along with the "beyond-the-pipe" vision of the neutron tool to produce a consolidated and accurate image of the flow profile. This not only helped in compartmentalized production profiling of the well, but also made it possible to evaluate the sealing efficiency of the swell packer.

A diagnosis was made based upon the results, and a remedial plan was suggested. All swell packers were found to be effectively sealing, and couple of water humps were detected to be acting as barrier to flow. It was decided to increase the drawdown to knock out the water hump, and it immediately led to a significant increase in production. Being the first such job in a developmental field, this study developed a method for an innovative completion strategy that helps production enhancement.

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