Despite their widespread use, horizontal wells continue to underperform compared to our expectations. This is mainly due to lack of our understanding and ability to predict accurate inflow profile as a result of pressure drop along the wellbore. Stand- alone inflow equations do not calculate accurate inflow profile. In order to get the best performance from a horizontal well, a uniform inflow profile achievement is important. This cannot be addressed unless the inflow profile is quantified.

In this work we describe coupling of some analytical reservoir flow models with wellbore flow models for predicting ac- curate inflow profile of long horizontal wells. S. D. Joshi and Babu-Odeh inflow equation options have been implemented in this coupled solution. Continuity equations are used to calculate pressure drop in the wellbore. A coupling algorithm has been proposed which converges reasonably quickly giving accurate picture of the inflow profile. Results obtained from this work have been compared with some published work which is encouraging. Also results of a few case studies have been discussed which show the effect of a few completion/ fluid parameters on pressure & flux profile of these (horizontal) wells. The ulti- mate goal of this work is to come up with a stand-alone computer program which will be able to model not only the inflow performance relationship of these wells, but also will be able to come up with detailed inflow profiles along the completed interval of horizontal wells for various completion options with varying parameters.

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