The Raageshwari Deep Gas field, situated within Barmer Basin in the State of Rajasthan, India, was discovered in 2003. The field is a tight gas condensate reservoir, with excellent gas quality of approximately 80% methane, low CO2 and no H2S. The wells in Raageshwari Deep Gas field have tested at gas production rates in the range of 2- 4MMscfd and producing condensate gas ratios in 40-50 bbl/MMscf range. The condensate gravity varies across the field but approaches 60 API.

This paper discusses the fit for purpose monobore well design for Raageshwari Deep gas development wells. The design is suitable for handling fracture stimulation treatment, which is typical for a tight gas reservoir, by taking into consideration the suitability of the completion vis-à-vis surface and bottomhole treatment pressure during a fracture screen-out. The well completion supports the long term production from the gas condensate wells taking care of liquid loading issues. The paper also delves into the various well designs that were implemented during the appraisal phase and advantages offered by the current monobore well design especially in de-coupling well completion from well stimulation activity thus reducing the overall field development cost.

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