A reservoir simulator called "SimBest II" has been used in the present study. The oil field under study is a sector of South Rumaila oil field/ main pay. The simulator has been used to study the fluid flow in the reservoir and predict the future behavior of the reservoir. SimBest II consists of two parts: Initialization and Simulation. The validity of the model is achieved by comparing its results with historical performance of the reservoir.

The validity of initialization results has been adjusted according to the actual initial oil in place and the initial pressure and water saturation distributions. Also good matching has been adopted in the simulation part according to average reservoir pressure, well pressure, the time of water breakthrough, and the depths of oil-water contact. Three types of contour maps were plotted at the end of simulation time for all layers of the sector under study which are Pressure contour map (isobaric map), Permeability times sand thickness (capacity) contour map, Oil saturation times porosity (hydrocarbon porosity) contour map. These contour maps are the best indicator for determining the trapped oil zone. The treatment method of water influx at the flow boundary that used in the current study is the Carter-Tracy method. This method yields an influx of water that moves across the flow boundaries.

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