To enhance production and improve recovery, normal wet In Situ Combustion (ISC) process has been applied by ONGC in the heavy oil field of Balol situated in the state of Gujarat, India. Injection of air @ 0.7 MMSm3/d resulted in increasing oil production from the field from 350m3/d to about 700 m3/d with corresponding reduction in average water cut from 80% to 55%. The field results indicate that the process is not archaic and has the strength to arrest strong edge water encroachment. It can significantly increase production and recovery, if applied in right perspective. The process needs to be looked upon as a displacement process also rather than a conventional thermal technique only. The process presents significant opportunities in conventional and heavy oil reservoirs to add reserves. The air compressors and well completions are the anxieties that can be mitigated by adopting good engineering based on an informed understanding of the process. The ISC process never looses spark, provided it is designed and operated in high temperature oxidation mode.

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