Recruitment has become the most challenging Human Resource function across all industries today. For a specialized vertical like Oil & Gas, the challenges are still enormous. Recruitment in Oil & gas industry is getting more and more complicated as the environment in which the upstream industry operates is very global.

Why do we find it difficult to attract new talent?

There are three main reasons for this. Firstly, the industrial activity across the world is at an all time high, which has in turn created more jobs thus making availability of personnel very difficult. Secondly, the industry has not exactly attracted a lot of people over the last twenty years for factors such as industry cyclicality, new technology, public perception etc to name a few. Thirdly the baby boomers generation is approaching retirement and the younger generation is not in enough numbers or experienced enough to fill the gap.

Need for a new strategy

Considering the above realities, there is a dire need for organizations in the industry to come up with a completely new recruiting strategy to ensure that its aggressive growth targets are not choked by the issues surrounding virtually all companies alike in the industry. The need of the hour is to shift from a traditional reactive recruiting towards a more proactive recruiting, clearly understanding the various factors of the job market. This recruiting strategy always revolves around four aspects.

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