Mumbai High located about 160 km West-North-West of Mumbai City in the Arabian Sea is the largest offshore field in India. The field is being produced through 7 process and 110 well platforms.

On 27th July 2005, an unfortunate accident at one of Mumbai High platforms i.e. BHN platform, resulted in devastating fire. This resulted in complete damage to BHN process platform, damage to nearby process platform NF and moderate damage to the well-cum-process-platform NA & gas-compressor-cum–water injection platform-MNW. The accident was caused by the impact of an approaching Multi support vessel in the hostile monsoon weather.

The accident caused major disruption of offshore production systems of Mumbai High field. Multi disciplinary teams (MDTs) were constituted for planning, executing, coordinating and monitoring the tasks with active support from offshore field personnel and contractors with the objective to restore production, water injection, gas production in shortest possible time.

The offshore management team systematically devised and executed revival plans for restoring Mumbai High North field production of 105,000 b/d with 4 MM m3/d gas. The Revival plans envisaged short term, medium term and long term actions. The short term actions were planned for 2 months, medium term actions for 6 months and long term actions for more than 2 year period.

Based on systematic actions, 85% of Mumbai High North oil and gas production was restored within 30 days. Oil production from nearby NQO process complex and 5 well platforms of BHN was revived under structured plan to bring the field back to normalcy. The total field production could be restored to a level of 235000 vis-à-vis 265000 b/d at pre-accident levels withn 6 months.

The paper describes about the accident and sequential actions for restoration of production which were planned and executed with precision.

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