This paper presents the reservoir considerations, implementation and results of a new completion technology with the aim to improve ultimate recovery. The non-uniform production profile across the horizontal hole especially in the highly heterogeneous and fractured reservoirs can result in premature water production and lower ultimate recovery. PLT surveys were carried out in some horizontal wells which indicated non-uniform production profile across the horizontal holes. Therefore the need for production system as part of the completion was raised to control water production and to improve ultimate recovery. This completion technique will the low and high permeability intervals to contribute to flow was found to be the optimum option for this highly heterogeneous and fractured reservoir.

Horizontal hole segmentation using ICD (Inflow Control Device) completion was found to be the optimum option to be tested as pilot in a new and an existing wells. The new well was expected to penetrate highly fractured area and the existing well is also located in highly fractured area.

The ICD Equalizer system was installed in both wells to evaluate the technique. The surface testing results of the re-completed well indicated a drop in the well water cut from 7% to traces. PLT survey was carried out in both wells and indicated uniform production profile across the horizontal section. Therefore the reliability of the technique was proved and these jobs were considered as the first application in United Arab Emirates. With field scale implementation, the reservoir simulation and economic analysis revealed an improved oil recovery of 1% and higher NPV.

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