In Hungary the oil production started in the middle of 30's in the last century. Intensive exploration activity in the region had resulted sustainable increase in the recoverable oil and gas reserves. In the early 80's, however, this tendency stopped, the size of new discoveries have been continuously decreasing consequently a declining phase in the production pointed out the importance of rejuvenation of the existing mature and marginal fields. Production operation of the large fields required more attention and finding all the stranded barrels of HC became a strategically important company task including but not limited to research and introduction of new EOR/IOR technologies.

MOL, as one of the largest operators in the region has introduced and successfully implemented wide spectrum of enhanced and improved techniques in the maturing oil fields. Application of horizontal wells, infill drilling, 3D seismic programs, state of the art geological modelling, methane and CO2 injection, improved water flooding will be presented highlighting the added values of different solutions in these projects. Currently MOL operates more than 100 fields in the Pannonian basin. Recovery factor of these fields exceeds 35-40% for oil and 60-75% for gas. How to progress: cost effective solutions or more expensive new technologies are the better approach? This paper will deliver some exciting examples for both situations.

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