The Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya fields are located in Rajasthan and collectively contain approximately 2 billion barrels of STOIIP. During the appraisal of these fields, more than 1.7 kilometers of core was collected from the principal reservoir, the Fatehgarh Group Formation.

This paper illustrates the methodology used to highgrade the geological units and pick specific points for special core analyses so that maximum technical information was gained for minimum cost. The criteria considered for highgrading the points were a combination of STOIIP content, facies type and porosity-permeability variation.

Sensitivities were also run on the parameters that are input to the STOIIP calculation and recovery estimates to ensure that adequate analyses had been conducted on the key parameters. The approach as defined in this paper enabled a significant increase in STOIIP for these fields that could be clearly demonstrated and supported by the core analysis data.

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