Now that it has been accepted all over the world, that India is the current seat of world class talent, that is available in great numbers and at a fraction of the cost of that of western countries, major international oil companies are pouring in to hire young Indian engineering graduates. To be in the race, even the national oil companies are striving hard to make their offers more lucrative for the young and ambitious Indian graduate. The real problem, however, lies not in attracting talent but to retain them. Indian graduates, especially from top tier institutes such as the Indian Institutes of Technology or Regional Engineering colleges, have a proven record of being highly opportunistic and ambitious. As such, they always on a look for a more challenging, more lucrative and faster paced career. The companies hiring them should, therefore, ensure that, during the initial few years, they adopt specific strategies to retain this vast skill pool. The author, a fresh graduate and into a major oil company, analyses the situation from an insider's perspective and offers some solutions for the same.

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