High-speed wired drill strings enable two way wireline communications between drilling and evaluation service provider's bottom-hole-assemblies (BHA) and surface systems. Compared to even the most advanced mud pulse telemetry, this new capability allows reliable communication with Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems and Logging While Drilling (LWD) systems at data rates tens of thousands of times faster than ever before.

This paper describes the system development and discusses in detail the advantages immediately attainable when complete, memory quality, drilling and evaluation data is provided instantaneously at surface while drilling. These advantages include:

  • increased safety by continuous downhole pressure, drill string dynamics and high rate drill string energy transmission data monitoring regardless of flow or rig state;

  • increased efficiency by optimizing RSS and bit performance, reducing hidden NPT, and monitoring wellbore conditions while drilling;

  • increase reliability by providing a redundant telemetry system and enabling the user to identify damaging drill string dynamics;

  • maximized productivity from more accurate wellbore placement.

The paper will then further discuss how application of the system may further develop to maximize the value in accessing memory quality LWD data instantaneously via the wired pipe network while drilling.

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