Need for Change

With increasing globalization, Inidan consumers enjoy choices like never before. Consequently, primacy of customer satisfaction is the new belief system of Inidan Organizations. The Changed belief system simultaneously demands and fules innovation; which in turn underlines the need for continous learing and development. After all innovation is not a caus, it is the result of organizational learning.

To learn, the learning objectives must be meaningful to the learner. He must find learning a personal need rather than the foisted need of the organization. For e.g. children learn the difficult skills of football despite challenges, because playing the gaem well as an objective, is dear to them. Rarely if ever, one bcomes a great foobballer since the school or state needs one.

Our managers discovered that constancy was giving way to rapid changes in the market place. Under conditions of rapid change, organizational climate needs to encourage innovation, risk taking and facilitate quick learning. To make this happen people need to challenge, culutural norms, established rules and procedures to ascertain their validity. Such acts need an enabling organizational climate fostered by successful leadership.

The Methodology

We are aware that work that is intrinsically rewarding to the individual generates the best. Kindling of intrinsic motivation by enabling and encouraging employees to visualize a desired future is leadership. We followed this process. Though, the process of involving people in crafting the organizational desired destiny was time intensive and arduous, the results in terms of employee engagement and leadership development has been invaluable, moving them from assigned work to self aspired challeges. Peoples’ movements forbid shorcuts.

Significant Results

Kindling intrinsic motivation by facilitating articulation and pursuit of choices enables us to attract, nurture and retain talent. Also, significant business results in terms of profits and market share have also been recorded.

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