In assam in India sidetrack well was decided to do horizontally after side tracking in l profile and after 90horizontal section. Original well was S profile in casing above. Well was decided for construction it was observed after torque and drag analysis that s profile l profile and horizontal section creates more surface torque. Surface torque generation was more and well was not taken for horizontal well and was converted to high angle well.

In another case well was taken up for ultrashot radius and top section of casing was S profile and only vertical wells were taken for ultrashot wells .s profile and horizontal section it was measured from out put of software generates almost double the torque.

Torque generated prognosis is a indication of wells not to be taken for drilling and well configuration was changed. many viable software is available. Friction and drag is dependent on many factors like mud type well angle well profile , type of assembly used. Software modeling of well provides accurate prediction of performance and feasibility of wells. Depending on software calculation new well construction can be designed and can be altered.

Above two case study outline prevented operator from doing horizontal well and ultrashot well. Similarly many output calculation can be done like failure in tension in compression and rotational in different set of drilling condition and preventive measure may be taken for unfavourable condition.

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