Subsurface pumps and production tubulars are one of the important means for the production of crude oil from the subsurface to the surface installation in mature oil and gas fields. The health of downhole pumps and tubulars is severely endangered by the electrochemical deterioration, which will be discussed in the context of the working environment. The extent of damage caused to sucker rods traversing down to the pump for Rod Pump wells is discussed. A self-improved corrosion management process is brought out by briefly discussing inspection, monitoring, and mitigation methods. The corrosion decision tree is critical in analyzing corrosion failure and a unique method for risk assessment. Qualitative and Quantitative Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) analysis were executed for rod pumped wells. An action plan was prepared to mitigate corrosion and/or friction-related failures. Yearly workover trend of workovers reduced as a result of action plan executed.

Oil and gas companies use a certain percentage of their operational expenditure to protect against corrosion on average. Material failure, performance improvement, cost, and safety are critical for corrosion control. Inspection and monitoring techniques are not sufficient enough to estimate future performance. By assimilating inspection, monitoring, mitigation, and prediction techniques, an extensive corrosion-management program can be developed. Remedial actions taken subsequently can then be followed strictly to counterwork against the effects of corrosion barriers. Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) can be significantly improved by following this methodology as discussed in the action plan.

Go-gauging and inhibitor wash for tubular, is the recommended method for operators in extracting subsurface oil from a corrosive environment. Corrosion decisions tree assesses the risk involved in corrosion, and corrosion management is an arrangement of barricades to impede material failure. MTBF analysis can be beneficial to the operators to understand the reason behind the failure of subsurface pumps and/or downhole production tubing.

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