This paper discusses a novel approach to capturing the impact of corrosion in oil producers and water injection wells. This approach takes advantage of a tailor-made new technology developed for evaluating corrosion challenges based on the induced electromagnetic field principle. As a result, exceptional outcomes have been obtained from this data integration that helped accurately identify hot spots of high metal loss caused by downhole corrosion mechanisms.

Recent technology developments have enabled a successful investigative and diagnostic technique to not only appraise root causes of casing integrity failures but also to suggest optimized solutions to tackle proactively potential catastrophic scenarios. There is an increased need to correctly identify and troubleshoot these issues using the most suitable technology, promoting a clear understanding and identification of the hot spots and rank the risks where there is more likely to be potential integrity problems.

In the past, it has been impossible to identify such issues before they become potential hazards due to technology limitations. With the passage of time, proactive investment in research and development in this highly dynamic industry made possible a new generation of corrosion logging tools capable of identifying and diagnosing the extent of these types of issues, enabling the production engineering team to identifying the problem, evaluating potential risk, establishing the best possible solutions for remedial works, and improving well integrity surveillance methods.

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