There isn't a one size fits all solution to management of integrity. Intelligent management of integrity seeks to optimize the collection and interpretation of appropriate inspection and monitoring information. Savings can be made by making effective use of the available information to manage an asset's integrity.

Practical examples in the form of case studies are supplied to show how intelligent use of available asset integrity information can help to achieve safe, predicable production in different situations;

  • Fix it now, training the inspection team to rectify simple pipe support issues prevents escalation of damage, reduces the overall time spent in terms of reporting, information management and execution of rectification.

  • API fitness for service assessment (FFS), awareness of available information and ability to validate previous work against the status of an asset prevents the unnecessary expense of repeat work whilst providing assurance of continued fitness for service.

  • Monte Carlo analysis provided a practical way to manage risks when inspection data was scarce resulting in a picture of the condition of their equipment over time. This assisted with key decisions associated with the inspection, repair and continued operation of the plant and equipment.

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