This paper discusses a method of preventing carbon steel from corroding by alloying the surface of the steel with amorphous phosphate protective layer. Specifically discussed is a novel spray applied coating that has been developed using inorganic acid-base chemistry to create and grow a passive layer on the substrate. Detail is provided to show two main reactions occurring at the same time when EonCoat is applied on carbon steel. First, formation of a microscopic alloying layer, and second the formation of a cementitious macroscopic layer. The cementitious layer consists of a white cementitious material enriched in phosphate. The passive layer is amorphous metal phosphate of several micron in thickness. SEM and electrochemical analysis prove the chemical bond between alloying layer and the carbon steel, meaning the steel cannot further corrode. This paper describes the invention, chemistry, lab testing/findings (results and discussion), field testing and validation of the newly developed anti-corrosion technology.

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