Ni-based metal-matrix nanocomposite (MMnC) coatings with diamond particles offer an interesting alternative to hard chromium and to conventional electroless Ni coatings, which are used in many components in the Oil and Gas industry. The properties of most value of electroless Ni for the industry are the thickness uniformity, excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion/erosion resistance. In this article we demonstrated that Ni-based MMnCs outperform conventional electroless Ni and hard chromium. Therefore, components manufactured with inexpensive base materials coated with MMnCs should have longer service life, which translates into lower operating cost. In this article we report hardness, erosion and corrosion tests of Ni-based MMnCs, and compare those results with commercially used Ni-B coatings. Ni-B coatings are usually favored over Ni-P in the applications experiencing erosive wear; however they are less resistant than Ni-P to corrosion attack. The results presented here demonstrate that Ni-based MMnC coatings outperform conventional electroless Ni-P and Ni-B, and are expected to outperform hard chromium. The novelty of the Ni-diamond MMnC coatings is in the ability to provide simultaneous corrosion and erosion protection for oil and gas tools and components.

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