Corrosion is causing partial or total destruction of the material in general, and of metals in special due to a reaction with the environment. This destruction is in fact a natural process because of the metals in processed form, have a high energetic level and there is a normal tendency to revert back at initial natural form as oxides in ores.

In the oil and gas industry, down hole pumps, tubing, sucker rods, pipelines and surface facilities equipment made by carbon steel are susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion is caused by the presence of CO2 (sweet corrosion), H2S or organic acids (sour corrosion).

Today applying corrosion inhibitor is a common practice in OMV Petrom. The application of inhibition on the large areas has been implemented since 2007 as part of modernization project in which more than 5000 wells were modernized. This included: the implementation of new artificial lift design and installation of new tubing, new pumps following API standards, corrosion inhibitor injection, dosing skids and optimization of production parameters. At the same time Corrosion Monitoring Devices (DMC) were installed in 10% of injection points. Appropriate chemical trucks for filling up of dossing skids and batch treatments assurance were acquired as well.

This paper shows an overview of corrosion management in OMV Petrom, achievements and benefits of the projects implemented in OMV Petrom in last years, starting with 2005 till today, where Main Time Between Failures (MTBF) increase 8, 5 times in comparison with 2005. The corrosion inhibitor injection process is monitored and optimized continuously keeping corrosion rate under control. Continuous optimization means: coupon and failure analysis, continuous inhibition or batch treatment, adjustment of dosage, new corrosion inhibitor screening considering specific environment and requirements, introducing of new chemistry for tubing carbon steel and new artificial lift design considering corrosion resistant materials etc.

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