Application of chemical treatments has become an essential part of everyday oilfield operations, to achieve specific objectives, minimize production problems, reduce production costs and achieve product specifications. Also, many process equipment performance and reliability problems can be solved economically by proper selection and application of chemical treatment practices. For instance, the corrosion problems that can be solved by changing metallurgy, reducing velocity, changing process conditions, removing corrosives upstream, can credibly be prevented by using corrosion inhibitors.

With increasing oil production, rising water cuts, H2S related issues and increased effluent water injection & disposal, the oilfield operating conditions are becoming more stringent, entailing the projects to be engineered with higher projected life. Also, with growing HSE concerns and compliance with environmental regulations, application of varied chemical treatments have become inevitable. Projects have been undertaken for introducing new chemical treatments, bulk handling of production chemicals, installation of chemical injections and monitoring systems. This necessitates periodic assessment of the chemical treatment practices and philosophies, for selecting and effectively monitoring & controlling performance of the chemical treatments by adopting a systematic approach.

To this effect our Company has deployed a huge network of chemical treatments and management systems all over its fields, for protecting its facilities/equipment, improving their performance, achieving quality, etc., taking into consideration; the process equipment problems, addressing HSE concerns and effectiveness of chemicals, etc. By operating and adopting a systematic & structured approach the chemical treatment practices have demonstrated proven performance. Those practices are not only cost competitive, but often can be implemented on-stream without curtailing unit operations.

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