Predictive maintenance (PdM) helps to determine the optimal time and date when repairs should be performed, offering cost savings over routine or preventive maintenance. PdM is frequently used for constant condition monitoring and equipment evaluation. The main goal is, by statistical process control, to determine when future maintenance will be more appropriate according to the structure condition. Our purpose is to introduce a new PdM concept and technique, avoiding corrective maintenance high costs by undertaking an effective painting control. It has been proven efficient on field, when tools are used such as integrity maintenance management software along with 3D modeling.

Structure integrity PdM techniques may be applied on critical structures such as offshore structures, port equipment, refineries, bridges or any structure located on aggressive weather conditions. A new painting control method can be found on integrity maintenance management software. This procedure is used to predict painting corrosion rates and optimize maintenance. It consists on simulating painting schemes using 3D models and doing assessments with image analysis tools on visual inspection, such as corroded area pictures taken on the timeline.

This predictive maintenance technique affects the traditional procedures; it may require some time investment to adapt to this new practice. The method implies in innumerous benefits since all the corrosion treatment is done before major interventions are needed. Therefore a corrosion coating monitoring means a low-cost maintenance, it extends the structure life integrity and lowers repairs frequency.

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