Mono and diamine compounds were synthesized from 1, 12-dodecanediamaine, and evaluated as acid corrosion inhibitors for coiled tubing steel. The inhibition behavior of these compounds in concentrated HCl acid was examined using a gravimetric method. Weight loss tests were conducted in 28 wt% HCl acid at 60, 70 and 80°C for 2 hours. The results showed that both mono and diamine inhibitors exhibited a good protection efficiency for coiled tubing steel in 28 wt% HCl acid. However, monoamine compounds showed better performance. Addition of an intensifier was effective to enhance protection efficiency for both amine moiety compounds where more than 99% protection was obtained for some inhibitors. The effect of intensifier concentration on inhibition efficiency is also addressed in this paper. The results obtained are very promising and suggest that some of examined corrosion inhibitors have a good potential to be used in acid stimulation treatments of oil/gas wells.

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