The south pars gas refinery, phases 2 & 3 was designed for the processing of 2000 MMSCFD of gas from the south pars gas field. The inlet sour gas, treated by the four amine units, contains 0.6% volume H2S and 2.5% CO2. The objective of the treatment is to selectively remove all the H2S to pipeline specification. The units have been commissioned in 2002 and have been operated for eight years. Recent inspection (Apr 2011) of the regenerators and reboilers of trains showed that significant corrosion has occurred in the bottom sections of the regenerators and reboilers as well as the piping connecting the reboilers and the regenerators. Corrosion resulted in a leak in the vapor return line from the reboiler to regenerator. Three solvent samples have been analyzed for the evaluation of the corrosion. The results of the analytical tests on the samples are discussed in this paper. The process simulations have also been used to evaluate the H2S and CO2 Levels on the lower trays in the regenerator and reboiler.

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