In order to solve the problem of high water cut and serious corrosion in oil well, a new technology combined the corrosion inhibition and water shutoff in oil well is proposed and developed in this paper. In this technology, corrosion inhibitor solution is first injected into the oil well, then followed by selective water shutoff agent, which mothballs the corrosion inhibitor in the high permeability zone. As the oil well is resumed to produce, the succeeding water (injected water or edge water) carries corrosion inhibitor to gradually produce along medium and low permeability zone in order to achieve the multi-purpose of inhibiting the corrosion of pipe string, decreasing the water cut and increasing oil production. The optimized corrosion inhibitor and water shutoff agent were screened out for the reservoir condition before field application. The mechanisms of the new method were studied using physical simulation experiments. This technology is carried out in one well of Shengli oilfield and gets good field effect.

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