On-line corrosion and sand/erosion monitoring increases the amount of data to be handled significantly, and new monitoring technologies also generate more complex information than before. The importance of reliable and efficient systems for data management and for the reporting and analysis of monitoring data has therefore never been higher.

Roxar has developed software which combines intrusive and non-intrusive systems for corrosion monitoring, as well as intrusive and acoustic systems for sand/erosion monitoring into one integrated solution. Together with new measurement technology features, the new system will improve user ease-of-use and the reliability of data, in particular for the non-intrusive field signature method technology.

This paper will describe and present field data from the first on-line electric field signature systems, and demonstrate how the new software can improve the use and presentation of the data. Finally a new measurement feature for electric field signature measurements will be introduced and the paper will demonstrate how this feature can improve the detection and quantification of localized corrosion and sand/erosion attacks in all directions.

The paper will provide an overview of the move towards on-line and integrated corrosion and sand/erosion monitoring solutions; an overview of today's sand monitoring and corrosion measurement technologies; the growth of the electric field signature method (FSM); and details on the new software. The first field installation of the new software was carried out at Statoil's Heidrun field. Experience and field data from this installation will be presented and discussed.

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