CO2 gas has low viscosity, flows very freely and is corrosive. This paper presents two innovative and economical anti-corrosion techniques of injecting (flooding with) CO2 under conditions of high temperature, high pressure and the CO2 cause corrosion. The down hole packer was fabricated with the CO2 corrosion resistant chrome-plated alloy steel. Chromium is one of the most hard metal and corrosion resistant material, the equipments and devices down hole were chrome-plated that can be also wear-resistant effect. and the general rubber design. The casing tubing annulus injected the imidazoline type corrosion inhibitor to keep the pressure balancing, anti-corrosion situation to protect tubing pipes and casing pipes. This anti-corrosion technique of injection well in CO2 flooding ensured the packer seal long-term security and achieved the CO2 gas safety injection.

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