The chemical application of corrosion inhibitors is a widely adopted practice in production and processing operations in the Oil and Gas Industry. Particularly challenging is the development of new chemistries, which maintain good protection of materials under a variety of conditions whilst being environmentally acceptable.

This paper illustrates patented work (jointly patented by BASF and Roemex Ltd, Patent Numbers AE 20051110/Wei PF0000057382/Wei) in the chemistry of Alkylpolyglucosides (APGs) and their synergistic effect with polyaspartates.

This paper outlines the development of this inhibitor class, which demonstrates good general inhibitor performance in a number of oilfield brines, shows good filming characteristics under conditions of shear and also has an excellent environmental profile.

The paper will examine the base chemistry of the alkylpolyglucosides.

The paper will illustrate a number of sweet and sour conditions as well as various temperature conditions, in a variety of oilfield waters. The results of laboratory tests under these conditions such as linear polarisation resistivity (LPR) the so-called "bubble test" and Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) will be displayed and presented. The paper will further illustrate the preferential partitioning behaviour of these chemistries to the aqueous phase and their non-emulsifying tendency.

Environmental data on formulated products will also be given. To date all formulations of this chemistry have been classified for use in the UK sector as Gold with no substitution and other product warnings.

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