A large number of gas production wells in Europe are mature and are virtually incapable of lifting liquid, which has built up over time, out of the well. A well in a gas field was suffering from these liquid loading problems. The gas pressure was insufficient to unload the well for an extended period of time. A proprietary computer model, developed by Baker Petrolite and specifically designed to identify wells which will respond to chemical treatment, was used to determine whether a foamer product could help unload the gas well. Removal of the water would also help to reduce downhole corrosion. The application of the foamer also had to take into account the different gas well operating standards in Europe compared to those of some other parts of the world. Subsequent selection of the foamer was achieved by the use of the computer model and by laboratory test work using actual well fluids. Consequently the chemical was applied downhole by continuous injection via capillary tubing.

The maximum production rate achieved during the trial was 0.1 MMSCMD. The volume of gas production was increased five-fold. No problems were encountered with downstream processing. The use of this foamer technology was of considerable value to the gas producer in this marginal field.

It was shown that the rapid and methodical use of these unique services can help alleviate the loss in gas production shown by wells suffering from liquid loading.

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