Under-deposit/scale, pitting and weld corrosion are a major cause of localised corrosion failure in oil and gas production systems. Since advancement in instrumentation and the successful development of the localised corrosion test protocol in 2002, the technique has been widely used to study the inhibition of localised corrosion. The latest examples of its application are presented. Green corrosion inhibitors have been screened and their ability to inhibit under scale pitting has been determined. The work has allowed the key monitoring parameters in the inhibition of localised corrosion to be identified, which has resulted in a refinement of the test protocol. Additionally, the ability of corrosion inhibitors in preventing weld corrosion was also assessed. The ability of the corrosion inhibitors to be effective against weld corrosion and under deposit corrosion was demonstrated. The results established that specialised laboratory tests should be used to qualify inhibitors prior to field deployment.

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