A coiled tubing stimulation treatment featuring a new high flash-point solvent was performed on an offshore injection well in the Ninian Field. This stimulation treatment was performed to

  • remove hydrocarbon residue and deep clay damage

  • stimulate low-permeability zones

  • increase water injection rates in an offshore well

The target zone was treated with 587 bbl of sequential HF acid to prevent swelling of near-wellbore fines, solids, and clay. The application of sequential HF acid increased permeability 10-fold over standard HF acid treatments. An inflatable packer was placed between the upper zones and suspected weak tubing, confining the treatment to the target zones. The treatment successfully reduced the formation skin factor, which increased the injection rate by 100% (0.25 bbl/min to 0.5 bbl/ min) and reduced the surface pressure by 3%.

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