We have successfully tested a new concept for a down hole tool, a Well Tractor, that significantly reduces operation costs for servicing horizontal wells. The Well Tractor is a cost effective alternative to the very expensive and time consuming conventional drill pipe conveyed operations.

In general the Well Tractor is capable of pulling coiled tubing and/or wireline horizontally beyond 10,000 ft. The Well Tractor is capable of pulling more then 25,000 ft of coiled tubing and/or wireline into a highly deviated well. Furthermore the tool is designed for pushing other tools into the hole, e.g. logging tools, video cameras. The lateral reach capacity with coiled tubing is therefore increased considerably. Time consuming production logging operations of horizontal wells utilising jointed pipe can be carried out by the Well Tractor as a wireline job.

We have tested the Well Tractor for cleaning horizontal wells. We have run production logs, we have performed test with running of a tool string with 40 ft. long perforation guns. We have set bridge plugs with a safe ignition system and we have retrieved the plugs again with a Well Tractor.

Apart from the mentioned applications the Well Tractors can also be used for operating sliding sleeves, open hole logging and coiled tubing drilling etc.

The Well Tractor with modular power source is designed in two versions. A fluid driven version for coiled tubing operations and an electric driven version of the Well Tractor for wireline operations

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