The possibility of using existing steam/water separation equipment for compact gas/oil separation applications has been evaluated and is believed feasible.

A single separator pair operating at 880 psia is estimated to have a separation capacity of 28,000 BPD oil and 15 MMSCFD gas for a water drive reservoir, and 17,000 BPD oil and 15 MMSCFD gas for a gas drive reservoir. Larger capacities are expected at lower pressure. Efficient separation is expected over a wide range of flows, liquid levels, and pressures. The vertical orientation of the separator allows it to be contained within a 24-inch diameter pressure vessel.

Potential areas where this compact separation equipment may be beneficial include primary separation for minimum facility platforms, vertical high pressure gas/liquid separation, retrofit/add-on capacity, combined slug suppression and preseparation, gas/liquid separation for floating production systems and subsea applications. The major benefits are expected to be its compactness, small footprint and weight, and the modularity of the design.

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