Phillips Petroleum Company United Kingdom Limited has recently completed drilling 17 development wells on the Judy and Joanne Fields (J Block) in Block 30/7a. Twelve wells were drilled at the template/platform location using the jack up "Galaxy", and 5 wells were drilled at the subsea manifold location using the jack up "Magellan".

A clear record of continuous improvement has been demonstrated. Drilling performance shows a steady increase in penetration rate (overall feet per day) over the project. Perhaps the most visible indicator of this has been in 1214" hole. The maximum footage drilled in a 24 hour period has increased from 3600 feet on the first well, PI, to a world record 8631 feet on well P11.

All the team involved in the operation, Phillips, drilling contractor and service company personnel both onshore and offshore, have contributed at some point to achieving this success. This paper discusses the many innovations, equipment improvements and procedural changes that have led to this steady increase in overall feet per day.

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